BlackBerry Mobile Internet Summit horizons
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Yesterday, the "win-win infinite cloud the future" as the theme of the first BlackBerry mobile Internet Summit held in Shanghai. RIM smartphone the Shanghai World Expo project sponsor, the Expo draws to a close, the organization customers, partners visit the Expo, by the meeting to promote mutual understanding between the co-operation, also introduced the BlackBerry products, services, developments and future trends Outlook - so this is more like a Blackberry General Assembly held a small exhibition, China Mobile, China Telecom, Digital China, IBM, information, and blackberry Aspire partners came together to form solutions demonstration area, though not as good as new release as exciting, but still can understand that BlackBerry is currently in a keynote speech products, services and strategy aspects.

The media are invited to attend got a "Blackberry Empire", holding the book, and then control the current competitive market for mobile devices, can not help but sigh, to maintain such a hard since its establishment in the empire, no one vendor will need are walking on thin ice attitude, and action must be quickly and effectively -

$ 100,000,000 fund to invest in application development, App World is expected to visit China by the end of
BlackBerry Partners Fund, the news has been announced in May this year. RIM and broadband capital of the Fund by the composition of co-financing, focusing on mobile applications for investment. However, according to Edward Tian, chairman of Broadband Capital said in this Assembly, the fund is not limited to the BlackBerry platform for application development, Android platform, the project will also be a focus of attention. It sounds a little "money invested Blackberry Android" taste, but business investment from technology never seems to border restrictions, and the communication from the exhibition recently held in Beijing view, Android product is almost explosion - certainly not investors miss such opportunities.

App World in China on the on-line news, gossip site from one of the staff of Digital China. He said that "According to information I have news" should be on-line around the end of time. RIM COO Jim Rowan said in a speech RIM developers worldwide up more than 30 million, the current applications are more and more rich Chinese, flying letters, QQ, and the popular microblogging music reading software are in place. This year early in September, Blackberry App World software has exceeded the total number of 10,000 mark. Published two years after the end of the long-App World landing in China, it should be a reasonable time.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Playbook

Jim Rowan mentioned the 9800 and BlackBerry 6 operating system, emphasized two points about the system is the "new UI" and "Webkit core browser", ifanr no stranger to readers of this should, before we had more BlackBerry 6 stories, but also to drink some video (BlackBerry OS6 official video full resolution, Blackberry 6 real machine video.)

Playbook is still the official promotional video of the demonstration, in addition to carrying multi-core processors introduced for web browsing, multi-tasking support in addition, RIM Technical Director Peter Woo, China stressed the Playbook as a personal device, the BlackBerry as a business terminal complementarity through a Bluetooth connection between the two in order to achieve a more flexible operation.

Core business and new changes
IDC's mobile applications in the enterprise survey found that companies surveyed, 60% plan to project Push mail as the first deployment. Peter Woo, introduced the Blackberry push the unique advantages, including its push mechanisms and other events outside of push email support, a series of Jiyu BlackBerry server applications, including push services, user management system is a general focus on content, participate in the presentation of the 14 companies, many of which are to provide enterprise-class services to manufacturers, but also in the financial sector have been included in Guoxin Securities, CICC, Ping and many other companies use a BlackBerry e-mail and office solutions .

Changes include a new BlackBerry in social networking and application development platform for progress. These elements are basically the BlackBerry Developers Conference last month announced a series of New Deal, see ifanr's "New Deal BlackBerry." Need to re-emphasize one BBM (Blackberry Messenger), the world has more than 20 million users, is the BIS service is very important part. Another is the Super Apps, the official described here, Super Apps procedural program in a class of procedures, functions tend to be more powerful, has the ability to integrate different applications, and can change depending on the environment to provide information, allow users to more handy . Super Apps can run in the background of events in real-time monitoring and feedback to the user through the push. Peter Woo, the BlackBerry with the WorldMate application as an example, called for a powerful super app - can schedule, LinkedIn and other web services and geographic information services integrated.

Accessories and applications
Part in the demonstration program to see Digital fairly interesting: designed specifically for BlackBerry and a folding keyboard called the "Berry Mouse" program - with the PC connection, with the BlackBerry's trackball as a mouse to control the PC. When making presentations, using a mobile phone to the remote page as PPT - sounds quite cool. In addition the software also supports transmission between the phone and the PC document.

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